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Thursday, January 20, 2011


In fact, we are all human.

Only a few days after Martin Luther King Jr. day, Skip Bayless of ESPN today (January 20, 2011) stated that he was somewhat proud of Blake Griffin of the Los Angles Clippers because his mother is white and that he needs a white American NBA player to be proud of since Bayless calls himself white.

Not only were his remarks inflammatory but the fact is, there is no question through his own lineage, that he is not pure white and that he had forefathers who werent white.

All Bayless needed was to wear a white sheet aka KKK with his comments yet nothing will be done by ESPN for this horrific, idiotic stance taken by Bayless.

Bayless took America back two hundred years with his racist comments that many have died for in the sense of humanity and though freedom of speech is a mainstay, inflammatory speech is not protected by our liberties and Bayless violated his right of free speech.

In fact, we are all human but Bayless with his comment showed that some are not.

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