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A New Wonderland. This was the first children's book written by Baum, before Mother Goose in Prose, but it didn't get published until after The Wonderful Wizard.New Wonderland itself was published later due to the problems Baum had in getting it published before he had success with Father Goose (which was a huge success for him with six editions with first one being only 5700 in number). Very few wonderland books exisit today and extremely rare.

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

The Glinda Of Oz Synopsis

Glinda of Oz
As this last Oz story from L. Frank Baum opens, Dorothy Gale and Ozma have been dispatched by Glinda on a peacekeeping mission. It appears that war is imminent between two of the Oz peoples; the Flatheads and the Skeeters. The Flatheads (so named because the upper portion of their heads are missing leaving their brains subject to loss), live in a mountain top citadel and are led by the despotic Su-dic, who is preparing to attack the Skeezers. The Skeezers are led by a domineering young queen, who has a dark secret.
After successfully dealing with a number of challenges as they penetrate to the far corner of Oz where these two groups live an isolated existence, Dorothy and Ozma discover that the Skeezers live in a glass-domed city in the center of Magic Lake. For added defensive measure, the island and its city can be lowered into the lake until it is completely submerged.
Dorothy and Ozma soon learn that the two strong-willed leaders are not to be dissuaded from war, and that intervention will be needed to avoid a disaster for the people. So Ozma returns to the Emerald City, obtains consent from a Council of State of the leading personages of Oz, and launches an expeditionary force to intervene between the Skeezers and Flatheads.
But before they can arrive, Dorothy discovers the real secret of why the two leaders are carrying their people into war, and obtains help from a young Skeezer boy, Euric, to correct the situation. But first she must discover the magic to escape from the submerged city and foil the initial attack by Su-dic. Euric proves resolute and courageous on his quest, braving very powerful magic from Reera the Red, a witch who hold the key to success.
This enchanting tale keeps the reader engrossed in the mystery surrounding the conflict between these two Oz peoples, and how it will be ultimately resolved in the best of Ozian traditions.

The Magic Of Oz Synopsis

In this tale of magical intrigue, Ruggedo is once again up to his old tricks, seeking revenge on Ozma and Dorothy and trying to conquer the Emerald City. In his wanderings after being deposed as the Nome King and deprived of all his magical powers, he encounters a young Hyup boy, Kiki Aru, who has learned how to cast transformation spells. Led by Ruggedo, they hatch a wicked plot to enlist the animals of the Gugu Forest to overpower the people of Oz and claim the throne for themselves.
Meanwhile, in the Emerald City preparations are underway for Ozma's birthday. In the search for new and unusual gifts, Trot and Cap't Bill are led by the Glass Cat to the far north of the Munchkin Country in search of the Magic Flower. They become trapped on the island which houses the flower, surely to die if help does not quickly arrive.
While this is happening, Dorothy has determined to give Ozma a Surprise Cake, so named because it is to be filled with twelve dancing monkeys. This quest to find such an entertaining cake filling turns into another great adventure in Oz. In this most enchanting tale, they must deal with the Nome King and Kiki Aru, and find a way to rescue Cap't Bill and Trot.

The Tin Woodman Synopsis

The Tin Woodman of Oz is a story of a heroic effort to regain a lost love. The adventure has its beginnings when the woodman explains to a young Munchkin boy, Woot, how he came to be made of tin. It is a story of an ill-fated love between two Munchkins, Nick Chopper and Nimmie Amee, that so enraged the Wicked Witch of the East she caused the woodman to have accidents with his ax. After each accident the lost meat and bone parts were replaced with tin parts, until finally Nick was all tin. Nimmie Amee loved him just as much even though he was tin, but unfortunately he no longer had a heart so he could not return her love.
After all these years have gone by, his sense of obligation and responsibility to Nimmie Amee is aroused by Woot; so together with the Scarecrow, he sets out to find and marry the Munchkin maiden. But their adventure seems ill-fated when they fall under the control of a giant wizardess.
Ozma and Dorothy witness their plight through the Magic Picture and come to their aid. Together again, they set out once more to find Nimmie Amee, only to discover to their amazement, there is yet another tinman -- the Tin Soldier. He too was a Munchkin engaged to marry Nimmie Amee, but suffered the same fate as the woodchopper at the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East. Joining their party, the Tin Soldier also seeks to redeem his lost love.
When at last they find Nimmie Amee, there is yet another surprise. This engaging tale by Baum must be regarded as one of the most inventive romantic stories yet told. The twist of fate revealed in the climax makes for a most enjoining experience.
Note: The full title was The Tin Woodman of Oz:

The Lost Princess Of Oz Synopsis

The Lost Princess of Oz
The Lost Princess of Oz tells a story of intrigue and mystery in this fairyland home of many famous and charming people and creatures. It begins with the discovery of a great calamity -- all the principal magic of Oz used by Glinda the Good, Ozma, and the Wizard of Oz to aid and protect the Ozites has been stolen; and Ozma herself has inexplicably disappeared. Dorothy and her friends set out on a grand quest to find Ozma and save her from what surely must be a perilous predicament.
Meanwhile, in a far corner of Oz, a Yip named Cayke discovers her magic dishpan has been stolen. This terrible state of affairs must be corrected because the dishpan has been in her family since the beginning of time and is needed to bake her famous cookies. Accompanied by a local celebrity, the Frogman, they descend from their mountain homeland to seek out the thief and recover the magical dishpan.
After a series of challenging adventures, the two search parties encounter each other and join forces to confront the culprit. This inevitably leads to a number of serious challenges they must face in order to recover the purloined magic and restore peace and harmony to Oz.

Rinkitink Of Oz Synopsis

Rinkitink of Oz is a tale of high adventure beginning in the islands of the Nonestic Ocean and eventually culminating in the darkness of the Nome King's Caverns. Rinkitink is the fun-loving runaway king of his eponomous land who accompanied by his beast of burden, a surly talking goat named Bilbil, makes his way to the beautiful and peaceful island of Pingaree.
His timing, however, is poor for soon after his arrival the island is overrun by a marauding band of warriors who loot and pillage the entire island and carry all its inhabitants off to slavery on the twin islands of Regos and Coregos. Rinkitink, Bilbil, and the young Prince of Pingaree, Inga, escape capture and with the the help of three magic pearls they set out to rescue the Pingareeans and Inga's father and mother, King Kitticut and Queen Garee.
After some successes and failures, they ultimately win the day and free all the slaves on the islands. But not before the wicked King Gos and Queen Cor escape with King Kitticut and Queen Garee as hostages.
The action then shifts to the Nome King's Caverns. Inga and Rinkitink join forces with Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz to once more confront the Nomes in the dramatic conclusion to this tale of high adventure in the remoter regions of Oz

The Scarecrow Of Oz Synopsis

The Scarecrow of Oz
Don't be fooled by the title. This isn't really a story about the Scarecrow; it is a tale that combines the adventures of new visitors to Oz who get mixed up in a royal love story.
The newcomers to Oz are Trot and Cap't Bill. First introduced by Baum in The Sea Fairies and Sky Island, their first trip to Oz is by way of a whirlpool that deposits them in a cavern deep under the sea, and a strange flying creature called the Ork, that carries them to Jinxland, one of the remote outer regions of Oz. Along the way they have several amusing adventures and are joined by Button-Bright, a little boy from Philadelphia whose most predictable trait is to get lost.
In Jinxland they engage in a dangerous and deadly encounter with a powerful witch who is aiding the king in his cruel plan to marry his daughter to someone she does not love. The daughter (Princess Gloria) is really in love with the gardener's boy, Pon. Learning of the desperate situation in Jinxland, Glinda the Good dispatches the Scarecrow on a rescue mission. But the Scarecrow is no match for the powerful witch and finds himself in his ultimate nightmare, being burned at the stake.

The Tik-Tok Of Oz Synopsis

Tik-Tok of Oz
In Tik-Tok of Oz, the stalwart mechanical man goes to war when he is pressed into service as the only private in Ann Soforth's army. This restless Queen of the Oogaboos has set out to conquer Oz and the world beyond, but alters her plans to help the Shaggy Man rescue his brother from imprisonment by the Nome King. Joining this adventurous band in their quest is Betsy Bobbin, a young girl from Oklahoma, and her mule, Hank.
Along with other magical fairies from the lands of Oz, they confront the Nome King; but not before this wiley creature has sent them through the earth to the other side into the mystical kingdom of the Private Citizen. This trick proves to be Ruggedo's downfall when the Private Citizen dispatches his Instrument of Vengence to remove the Nome King from his throne.
In the end this great adventure concludes happily as the Oogabooians return safely home and Betsy, Hank, and the Shaggy Man and his newly freed brother are accepted by Ozma as permanent citizens of the Emerald City.

The Patchwork Girl Of Oz Synopsis

The Patchwork Girl of Oz
The magical practices and potions of the Land of Oz is the thread running through The Patchwork Girl. The story begins with a visit by a young Munchkin lad, Ojo the Unlucky, who with his Unc Nunkie visit a reclusive magician, Dr. Pipt. The old sorcerer has just completed the six year task of brewing a spoonful of the Powder of Life, and is preparing to administer it to a life-sized rag doll made by his wife Margolotte. The intent is to create a servant to help his wife in her chores, but unbeknownst to the magician, Ojo doctors the doll's brains.
In the confusion that erupts as the Powder of Life performs its miracle, Margolotte and Unc Nunkie are turned into marble statues and the Patchwork Girl is brought to life quite unfit to ever be a servant. To restore life to the two hapless victims, Ojo undertakes a quest to find the ingredients for an antidote to the enchantment, accompanied by the Patchwork Girl and the Glass Cat, another creation of Dr. Pipt.
A series of adventures ensue, as they brave new challenges and meet new and amazing peoples and lands in their hunt for the magical ingredients. Through the trials of this grand quest Ojo learns that he is no longer presumed to be ill-fated by circumstance of birth, and is known henceforth as Ojo the Lucky.
Note: This is considered a direct sequel to The Emerald City of Oz.

The Emerald City Of Oz Synopsis

The Emerald City of Oz
This new adventure into the fairylands of Oz is witness to the impending destruction of the Emerald City. The evil Nome King is determined to recover the Magic Belt from Ozma, and to aid in this terrible scheme he enlists a number of very powerful and frightening creatures. Their aim is to tunnel under the Deadly Desert and emerge in the unsuspecting Emerald City and lay waste to it and the Lands of Oz.
Meanwhile, Dorothy and her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em move to the Emerald City to live after life turns too hard in Kansas. They go on a grand tour of Oz, visiting many amusing and entertaining lands and their people. They arrive back at the Emerald City just in time for the final assault by the invading armies, and witness a surprise ending that can only happen in the Land of Oz.

Dorothy And The Wizard Of Oz Synopsis

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
Dorothy begins this new adventure into the fairylands of Oz when an earthquake splits the earth open under her. She, her kitten Eureka, her cousin Zeb, and a horse named Jim fall into the hole and land in a city of glass. This land under the earth is home to a cold, heartless vegetable people. Dorothy and her friends are joined by the Wizard of Oz and nine piglets, and then make their way through a series of dangerous lands trying to find their way back to the surface of the earth, and home.
They wander through the Valley of Voe, which is inhabited by invisible, deadly bears. Here they learn how to walk on water to escape the bears. They make their way through the inside of a mountain and emerge in a dead and soundless world inhabited by wooden, flying gargoyles. Escaping these menacing creatures, they find themselves in a den of young dragons. Finally, just when it seems they are doomed to die imprisoned in yet another underground cave, Princess Ozma sees their plight and rescues them.
Safely back in the Emerald City they renew old friendships, but are interrupted when one of the piglets turns up missing. Dorothy's ill-mannered kitten is accused in the mystery and a murder trial ensues, with the Wogglebug as the prosecutor and the Scarecrow as the defense attorney. But all ends well and Dorothy, Eureka, Zeb, and Jim return to their homes on the earth's surface after this intriguing adventure

The Ozma Of Oz Synopsis

Ozma of Oz
This adventure begins as Dorothy Gale is blown overboard in a storm at sea while enroute to Australia. With her is a yellow hen named Billina. They wash ashore in Ev, a fairyland across the Deadly Desert from Oz. Here they find a mechanical man, Tiktok, and meet Princess Ozma and her friends and the Oz Army. They join Ozma on her quest to free the Queen of Ev and her children from the underground caverns of the Nome King. The Nome King has used his Magic Belt to imprison the royal family of Ev as bric-a-brac in his underground palace.
The adventure almost ends in disaster for Ozma and her friends, but Billina saves the day in a most uneggspected way. Dorothy captures the Nome King's Magic Belt, everyone is set free, and they return to the Emerald City for a big victory celebration

The Marvelous Land Of Oz Synopsis

The Marvelous Land of Oz
In this first sequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the adventures of a young boy named Tip are followed as he escapes the grasp of an old sorceress named Mombi and travels to the Emerald City to start a new life. In the process he creates two new companions, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse. They are brought to life using a magical powder that Mombi obtains from a reclusive magician. Tip gets mixed up in a rebellion led by a young woman, Jinjur, who overthrows the Scarecrow as the Ruler of Oz.
Joining with the Tin Woodman, Tip and his friends seek to regain control of the Emerald City, but are not successful and must flee for their lives in a most unusual flying creature created from bits and pieces found in the palace. Eventually they make their way to enlist the support of Glinda the Good. Glinda succeeds in capturing Mombi and erasing her magical powers. However, in quashing the rebellion she restores the throne not to the Scarecrow, but to the rightful heir, a young girl named Ozma. (You will have to read the story to find out who Ozma is and how she suddenly emerges on the Ozian scene. It's quite a morphalous tale.)
Note: The full title was The Marvelous Land of Oz: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman

Wonderful Wizard Of Oz Synopsis

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
This is the story that started it all. It begins when a little Kansas farm girl, Dorothy Gale, and her dog Toto are blown away in a tornado and land in a fairyland named Oz. Here she meets a very unusual cast of characters - the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion, and together they go on a quest to see the Wizard of Oz, each of them seeking what they want most in life. Making their way along the Yellow Brick Road through a series of hair-raising encounters, they arrive at the Emerald City only to be told by the Wizard that they first must kill the Wicked Witch of the West before he will grant their wishes.
They eventually overcome many dangerous challenges and dispose of the witch (although quite by accident), and return only to find that the Wizard is really just a humbug. He craftily addresses everyone's wish but Dorothy's, which is to return home to Kansas. So once more Dorothy and her friends set out, this time to find the Good Witch of the South. These last adventures end happily with Dorothy and Toto returning home, thanks to something she had all along.

The Many Faces Of L. Frank Baum

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