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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kat the Hat Lady..WIZARDOFBAUM

About me
Hi I am known as Kat the Hat Lady! I have been making hats for over 14 years both as a professional maker and as a passionate hobby. I have studied full size hat making at York College which I did for over 2 years. I have also worked in the hat trade. I have done talks, attended fairs and written many articles and tutorials about hats and costumes which have been published in various magazines including Dolls House World, American Miniaturist and Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazines. I have also done Halloween product reviews for various high street retailers. I tend to specialise in Gothic, Burlesque and theatrical hats and headdresses (from 1:12th to full size). As well as period and fantasy including pirate and witches hats. All my creations are made by hand and are made with love, care and attention. All my hats are blocked by hand using wooden hat blocks or done free form. At the moment I sell my hats via eBay, Etsy my new website and through word of mouth. Mainly my dear friends and customers passing on my details.  I am totally Mad as a Hatter and when I am not making hats I love researching books, libraries, museums, and the internet for hat and costume information. I am currently working on my own patterns and hope one day to create my own how to make hat book. My personal interests are anything Witchy/Gothic or pirate! I love films(costume dramas, Tim Burton to sci-fi), theatre, visiting festivals(such as Whitby Goth, Festival of History), castles and stately homes. My music taste varies from punk bands such as Adam Ant, The Damned, Zombina and the Skeletons to chart music, film, classical music to having a cockney knees up to Chas n Dave! I love going for walks along the sea shore, spending time with family and living life to the full. I have tattoos often dye my hair bright red and believe in growing old disgracefully.

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