Saturday, January 12, 2013


I did polish my wood

you cant imagine the amount of stroking my wood
cuz i had to rub and rub
then when my hand got tired
i had to rest

The wood was still hard by rubbing
so i sat there
with the wood hard

I didnt worry
since my wood was hard and my hand needed rest
so i sat there awhile
and stared at my wood

I started to rub my wood again
stroking it
up and down
not forgetting the shaft of the wood

I kept rubbing and noticed
that the more i rubbed my wood
the wood got alot shiner

I could see i the veins of the wood being exposed from my vigerous rubbing
popping out
pulsating to my eye

I looked down and smiled
at such a mangnificent piece of wood
i had to keep staring
it mystified me

It had a life of its own
and with one last stroke of my wood.

I went to bed

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