Monday, January 26, 2009

Steven Levitin , Oz Collector, Passes Away


We all have one on eBay. We all have a story about how our name came to be. Some are obvious, some are absurd, some are funny, some are cute and then there are some that are, well, truly meaningful. Mine is gr8hrts. Yes I am told that I have a heart of gold, a really great heart, but my story goes deeper. You see, On New Years Eve 12/31/99, I was the lucky recipient of a new heart. Yes, I was gravely ill and wasn't expected to make it another 2-4 weeks without a donor heart. Fortunately for me, my wife, my daughters, my dogs, my fish and of course my Oziana Artifacts, I was blessed with the fortune of life once again. I have met my donor family and their friends, spoke at my donor's high school graduation and even accepted his diploma post humulously. An honor and privilege. I live each day to the fullest. I compete in the Transplant Olympic Games and have even won medals. Most recently for Golf, I have been playing since I was 4 years old. I love the game. I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about me


Paul Jay said...

Thanks for posting this. Steve was a dear friend of mine, a real treasure of a friend, and I really miss him. Oz was his passion, and it's nice to know that people on eBay are thinking of him.

Unknown said...

No problem Jay. I am very sad about Steve. He had a lust for life and definitely appreciated each moment he had on earth. His passion for oz books was rivaled by his passion for his family and friends and though we call come and go in time,Steves memory will always be enshrined by those who came in contact with him...Mark Shapiro

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sad to hear that Steve has passed away. He and I exchanged many many emails over the past 5 years. And bought books from each other. He was a great gentleman.

Thanks for telling me about your blog, Mark, I'll try to log on once in a while.

Skip Landt said...

I was deeply saddened to hear (belatedly) of Steve's passing. He was a fellow member of the Caxton Club, an organization of book collectors and other lovers of the printed word. His love of collecting and his many tales of discovery made him an excellent dinner companion and Caxtonian.

It was a pleasure to know him, and we share the sense of loss expressed by others on this site.

Dan "Skip" Landt
Membership Committee

Dale G. said...

I am over a year late on hearing of Mr. Levitin's passing and all I can think about is how generous he was to me. At my elementary school, Mr. Levitin was a substitute teacher. In 8th grade, I was cast as Dorothy in our school's production of the Wizard of Oz. After the show closed, I received in the mail a large envelope from Oziana Artifacts. Mr. Levitin had, out of the wonders of his heart, sent me a collector's edition of the sheet music of Over the Rainbow. This man I barely knew had gone out of his way to express love and kindness to all. I am so sorry I just learned of his death and wish I could have had 5 minutes with him in person to say how wonderful of a person he was.