On the island of Nirvana,,there lived a girl named Karishma who was infatuated with a young man, named Achilles, and yearned for his attention though he had not noticed her.

One day as she was walking down the cobbled road from the market,, carrying back groceries to her mom and dad, she stumbled on a rock in the road and fell,,dropping her goods to the ground.

As she looked up, there was Achilles, who her eyes met and she smiled in shyness as he helped her up and gathered her goods. She thanked him with her eyes looking down in shyness and he asked her name..She told him Karishma and told him it meant miracle. He too was shy in his being but remarked what a beautiful name. He offered to walk her home and she obliged.

When they reached her home, not a word was said on the way. They parted with a smile and Karishma went inside and went to her bedroom to lay and think about what just happened.

In town, Achilles went to a cavern for food and met his friend, Diego. Diego was a man of wisdom and though disfigured in the war with England while on a ship fighting Pirates, he nonetheless was a person of high esteem.

Achilles told Diego of his chance meeting and told him he had met the most beautiful girl of his dreams but did not know how to converse his feelings and thus felt he may never see her again and blamed his shyness on that may happening.

Diego thought about this and pondered a solution. After a few minutes, Diego offered this. "Achilles, I pray to tell you that words from the soul is what every human being is and those who allow those feelings to come forth, will show anyone your true character..

Thus Diego proposed to |Achilles,who was a tall man with blonde hair to his shoulders and eyes of cobalt blue ,,which were intense and kind, that he,Diego ,,would write poems of such feeling and emotions,,that Karishma would react with her soul to him.

Diego told Achilles to go back to where Karishma lived ,,which was in a gated community and in a two story house with a balcony ,,which was adjacent to her room. Achilles, a soldier by trade, ventured back to where Karishma lived and slid a note under the door in a sealed envelope.

Inside the envelope, the note requested Karishma to be standing on her balcony at midnite and he would be below to seek her.

He knocked on the door, leaving the note and left.
Hearing the knocking,Karishma came down stairs and retrieved the letter and opened it. Karishma,, a tall lanky willowly figure with long dark hair cascading down her shoulders and smoldering brown eyes, read it carefully and over and over again,,with her heart pounding and her sense aflame.To her,,time wouldnt go fast enough. 

Diego had hatched his plan. He then wrote a poem to Karishma and told Achilles, he would go with him and have Achilles read the poem to Karishma and would be there for support.

It was a full moon that night and at the strike of midnite,,did Achilles appear with diego behind a tree.

 Karishma appeared with a shawl over her head and her hands on the railing of the balcony and asked,,"Tis you Achilles?'..."Yes, tis me and I wish to tell you a poem",,,He could see her smile and leaning forward in anticipation ,,,Achilles then read the poem as thus,,,"Karishma,,we did meet today by fate,,and its never too late...for when I lifted you from the ground,,I did not hear a sound..but only of my heart beating fast,,and it did last..for seeing your eyes today with mine,,made my soul so shine..and Karma is real and so are you...and i wish to talk you more for my feelings are true.."

,Karishma sighed and she too, felt her heart throb and said back.."Oh,Achilles, how sweet words come forth from you,,words that inflame my soul and yes, I have been yearning to meet you all along. However, I must go now for my parents are awake and thus I request you come back morrow again at the same time"

With that,Achilles bowed to her and left with Diego of which she did not see.

The following night, Achilles appeared again and said forth another poem,,again written by 
Diego and with Diego in tow. Again he said words that magnetized her and again, she asked to see him aqain, below the balcony.
Night after night, Achilles would say words that Karishma swooned with and felt her heart growing closer and closer to Achilles wherupon she then had trust in her heart to meet Achilles,,this time below the balcony.

The night came when she was below the balcony inside the garden below bestowed by roses and trees for cover wherupon achilles met her and both shy in nature,,stared into each others eyes and no words had to be said for the words achilles said to her had already festered in her being.

 They both stared and he leaned foward to kiss her ,,with both closing their eyes and flashes of stars in the Heavens was the result in their minds..One kiss and she said,,"I must go my dear Achilles ,,but please return the forth night "

Again, Achilles retturned each night and each night with a different poem written down for her of which she would read back ,,noting the hand writing of the poems of which was exquisite and beautiful in nature.

Achilles would go back each day to tell diego of what was happening of which Diego would then write poems as if he was in love with her himself, Daily he would absorb her being in his mind and write to her the love he was now feeling for her for the poems had not only transfixed Karishma but had now also done to the same to Diego, of which he did not divulge to Achilles.

Time went on and Achilles and Karishma bonded together more and more with the aid of Diegos poems and Karishma would lay in bed at night readn them over and over in its flowing handwriting, cursive in nature and the poems had a life of their own.

 Each time Achilles and Karishma met,,words were not plentiful for their love had grown through the poems and so no need for talking as much but the physical presence of him was enough for her.

Months passed as both would seek each other out and Achilles told Karishma,,,"My love of loves,, I bring bad news,,for I have been called to duty and  wish you for wait for me to return for my return is based upon my love for thee and i pray you dont forget me."

  Karishma, saddened by such news responded,,"Achilles, I have yearned for you since the day i saw you at the market place but turned my eyes away for my shyness overwhelmed me..but i  can tell u I have loved you then and now and more so with your words and kindness of which i never expereinced in my life and yes,, I will wait for your return with earnest.."

Achilles then sailed away to war on the open seas and told Diego to watch out for Karishma and to write letters for him while he was gone.

Diego told Achilles he would  do this for him and he would keep his appearnce hidden from her but slide letters under the door.

Diego penned letters to Karishma and fell more in love with her as he did so, putting all his emotions into them as he wrote. 

The letters flowed with the exqusite handwriting she so adored and each letter would send her into a realm of Heaven within of which she constantly dreamed of the day Achilles would return.

Word came to Diego that |Achilles had been killed in battle and thus Diego had to write a letter telling Karishma this. How to present it to her was his problem and thus he decided to bring it to her himself,,

He went to Karishma and knocked on the door and asked to speak with her and she invited him outside to the garden.

He told her he was a friend of Achilles and heard a great deal about her and him and was there to give her news of which was not good,,Karishma,sensing the worst,,started to cry and said.."I fear the bringing of bad news of which will crush my heart,so pray tell,,and quickly"

Diego took out the letter he wrote about the death of Achilles and handed it to her.
She opened it slowly and pulled it out and read slowly and began to sob as she read.

Diego leaned forward to comfort her and she stood up quickly.

"I do cry for my love Achilles but also for what i  just  saw",Karishma remarked.

"Pray tell me Karishma, ", Diego asked.

"I fell in love with Achilles first on his appearance but solely on the beautfiul words he bequeated on me and thus when reading the letter you just presented to me in your hand writing, I duly see that such words were not written by him but by you"

Diego hung his head and said,,"Tis true, I did so for in his heart he felt that, and I only wrote what I saw in his heart for you".

Karishma stood silent upon hearing what she knew to be true and said,,"Such words can only come from the one who wrote them and I knew by the handwriting on todays letter that those words come from you and not from Achilles".

Diego responded that he wrote them of course,,but soon fell in love with her himself and that his feelings were true to her and that, being disfigured ,,she wouldnt have an interest in him..

Her grief still for Achilles,she responded,," The words you wrote has indeed made my passion arise and also they opened up my soul to myself and I have learned that love is real, not only for my feelings for Achilles but now also for you Diego,, for you have shown me a part of me I never knew and that I have learned not only love but to trust my feelings,,like I never knew".

With that,,she hugged Diego and from that point on,,they would meet together to discuss all the subjects they wished and the day Diego died,Karishma wrote a poem herself to be placed on his gravestone of which read...

Here lies Diego , a wise man,,,,a man of integrity and character....who gave to others without asking for anything in return,,,and he lived his life for others to learn and give ,,and as such, Diego is a man of God who sent him here as an Angel.