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List of various Oz related movies and production in progress

1. ANDREW LLOYD WEBBERS WIZARD OF OZ PRODUCTION - Expected release: March 2011. additional information

2. Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland in Get Happy. Expected release:Summer 2011 additional information

3. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by Clayton Spinney. Expected release:2012 additional information

4. CGI animated film by John Boorman. Expected release: 2011 additional information

5. Created by Temple Hill, the production company behind the famed “Twilight” saga, “Oz” heads back to where it all began the first novel of the series. Penned by Darren Lemke, the decision to begin with the book “The Wonderful World of Oz” could jumpstart a vast franchise based on the 22 “Oz” books. This project courtesy of Warner Bros.’ New Line division would most likely turn into reality among all the other competing “Oz” projects with its huge potential. additional information

6. "Return to the Emerald City" The Warner Brothers’ second "Wizard" movie will be the more modern tale that centers on the granddaughter of Dorothy who returns to fight evil in Oz. According to PRLOG press release on March 19, 2010 Basil Iwaynk has been assigned as Director and Josh Olson as screenwriter. additional information

7.Oz The Great and Powerful. Sam Raimi to direct 3D Wizard of Oz with Robert Downey According to Deadline , Disney made a deal last night with Sam Raimi (who last dropped out of Sony’s Spider-Man 4 , prompting them to greenlight a muppet-babies reboot of The whole franchise) to direct a 3D prequel to Wizard of Oz . additional information

8. Universal Studios are going forward with getting "Wicked" into movie theaters. Universal takes their version’s inspiration from the Broadway smash depicting what would happen if Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West became schoolmates even before Dorothy came. Expected release: 2012 additional information

9. New movie "The Witches of Oz" is due out in the summer of 2010. additional information

10. Surrender Dorothy, Barrymore is now attached to direct the film that focuses on Dorothy's great, great granddaughter who has to learn how to use the power of those sparkling ruby red slippers to keep (a resurrected) Wicked Witch of the West from taking control of both Oz and now Earth. additional information

11. Long-time Walt Disney feature animator Daniel St Pierre is the man directing a film using state-of-the-art (whatever that is) 3D effects, Dorothy of Oz. It has Dorothy thrust back to Oz to try to restore order after a crazy, albeit powerful, Jester has taken control and Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow have gone missing. Martin Short is providing the voice of the Jester, Dan Aykroyd is the Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammar is the Tin Man and Jim Belushi is the Lion. ( - 2011 additional information

12.A mysterious teaser trailer has appeared online for Michael and Mark Polish’s aptly titled “Oz,” as in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series from author L. Frank Baum additional information

13. Heartless: The story of the TinMan. Expected release: 2010 additional information

14. The Wheeler of Oz ( - 2010 additional information

15. Dark Oz - Dark Oz focuses, again, on Dorothy's return to Oz, but it is a very different place than the one she left behind additional information

16. The Lost Princess of Oz. A new indie movie company MovieUs Productions who has apparently been shopping the idea for an Oz movie around is currently developing an Oz movie of their own. We caught up with the director last Tuesday who told us... "We're really excited to have the oppurtunity to make a movie like this. The idea all started back in 1985, the year Disney's Return to Oz hit the screen. It was this big deal, man. Looked at a milk carton, Return to Oz was on it. For me as a kid, it was terrifying and confusing." '

It's titled 'The Lost Princess of Oz' obviously based on the book by L. Frank Baum but with some changes, one being that everyone is looking for Dorothy (who is now a princess) not Ozma. Its supposed to incorporate story sequences from Ozma of Oz and the Land of Oz as well drawing inspirations from Tim Burton's Alice and Return to Oz. Its planned to be a musical unlike Return to Oz and the director made the comment that it is Return to Oz set to 1939, meaning that there will be may similarities between the two but the main thing is the villian has not yet been said. The director will be announced soon so check back for some updates. Filming will start this summer and by then you'll have some more info as to what this will be like. I've seen some test shots and development work and it does looks promising but as always I'm just waiting.

Join the Scarecrow as he attempts to transport himself, along with the Tinman and Lion, to America to find Princess Dorothy. But beware our new villain has plans to finally get the Ruby Slippers and destroy all the good in Oz. Whoever gets to the Ruby Slippers first controls the fate of Oz. With time running out, everyone is looking for ''The Lost Princess of Oz". additional information

17. "The Twisted Land of Oz". This film is inspired by comic book gorehound and toymaker Todd McFarlane’s R-rated “Twisted Land of Oz” line of figurines. McFarlane’s version includes a scarecrow torn apart by birds, a Tin Man composed of limbs reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands, a flesh-eating Lion who’s not exactly a coward, a Wizard turned into a gas-mask wearing mad scientist, a carnivorous being named Toto after it devours Dorothy’s dog, and Dorothy who’s bound and raped by depraved Munchkins. additional information

18.Oz Wars, a new stop-motion animated film set within the fantasy world first visited in The Wizard Of Oz, has gone into production. The new film, helmed by The Corpse Bride co-director Mike Johnson, becomes the seventh known Oz films in the works. additional information


The Wizard of Oz 'has already sold £8.5m in London theatre tickets'

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Some £8.5 million worth of London theatre tickets have already been sold for the grand opening of The Wizard of Oz next year, Andrew Lloyd Webber has revealed.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said that preparations are going well for the show at the London Palladium and that he hopes all the people who come to see it enjoy the scenery and four new songs.

Lord Lloyd Webber explained that the tornado scene will involve part of the set collapsing, something that has never really been successfully translated on stage before.

The mogul also commented that he is pleased with Danielle Hope as Dorothy.

"Danielle is incredibly hard-working and she has developed a great relationship with Michael Crawford (the Wizard)," he added.

The Wizard of Oz opens for preview in February 2011, but its gala opening will be in March.

Earlier this month, Hannah Waddingham - who plays the Wicked Witch of the West - told Broadway World that she was nervous about starting rehearsals.


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uses logic

detail oriented

facts rule

words and language

present and past

math and science

can comprehend



order/pattern perception

knows object name

reality based

forms strategies




uses feeling

"big picture" oriented

imagination rules

symbols and images

present and future

philosophy & religion

can "get it" (i.e. meaning)



spatial perception

knows object function

fantasy based

presents possibilities


risk taking


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"Amazing" It takes my breath away! It felt like I was

walking through a "Wonderland" Didn't want it to end! It's like

having" Disneyland" in your home, the combination of fantasy and

reality blending as one. Mark, your collectibles are stupendous,

Re"Mark"able and all inspiring.You are a true" Marks"men , when it

comes to searching and finding heartfelt beauty and sensitivity in

your truly historical treasures. I am soooo impressed. I can only

say "You have a special talent,knowledge and "eye" for

gathering,organizing,displaying and seeking to find the most

charismatic objects that depict some of the most poignant times in our

history.You have surrounded yourself with a wealth of knowlege that

"ALL SHOULD SEE". You have a passionate gift. Any person who would

travel through your musuem would undoubtedly "Embrace" it's charm in

complete "AWE" and not be able to forget the experience they ventured

thru. You" must" design a book of somesort ,so all can see what you

possess.and how meticulously it is categorized . You should feel very

proud of yourself!!!! It is a significant work of art-in constant

creation. Quite an accomplishment and offers such an education- that

"ALL SHOULD SEE" I want everything!!!! Once one views all your

photographs,you can't get them out of your mind. Brilliant!!!!-Thank-

you for sharing it with me.



Mark, "The Wizard ofOZ" being the beginning of your captured interest, in collecting, is a significant point !!!! What the" Wizard of Oz " represents. In our generation and many that followed, we  gathered with our families or friends as a ritual,every year,waiting to sit and watch this wonderful film on the TV. The books,along with the film represent" Love, Hope,Family, Friendship , Inspiration,Appreciation, Character,Trust and Determination" The Essence of what life is "ALL ABOUT"


My being, from millions and millions of other beings, means I am You and You are Them.

I get along with You for You are Them and Them is We and We is Us thus You and I are Me.

Our Parents had Parents who had Parents with Humans who mated with Humans making You and Me the SAME



ARCADIA - Bob Baffert, who's won three Kentucky Derbies and trained recent 3-year-old standouts Pioneerof the Nile and Lookin At Lucky, might have unveiled his latest young superstar on Sunday during opening day at Santa Anita.

The Factor, a 2-year-old son of War Front who lost his career debut by 3 1/4 lengths at Hollywood Park on Nov. 28, broke the Santa Anita track record for six furlongs with an 8 1/4-length victory in 1:06.98 in a maiden special weight.

The old record of 1:07.20 was set by Sunny Blossom on Dec. 30, 1989.

"We've always been really, really high on this horse," Baffert said. "He had a little sickness. I was going to run him (earlier), but he got sick on me at Del Mar so I couldn't run him."

He debuted across town in a 6 1/2-furlong maiden special weight on Turf Festival weekend, running fourth as the 3-5 favorite.

"I can't believe he got beat first time out," Baffert said. "He broke and (Joel Rosario) grabbed him a little bit. I kind of confused the rider, telling him I didn't want him going out there really fast because on a synthetic you have to be so careful about that. That's one thing about dirt, you don't have to worry about that. You can just let the horse show his talent.

"So today, he had the race under his belt, came out of it, he's worked great since then ... if he'd have lost today, I would have quit training."

Rafael Bejarano, who got off to a quick start in search of his fourth

consecutive Santa Anita riding title with three victories and replaced Rosario aboard The Factor, was effusive in his praise of the colt who was purchased in May for $250,000 at the Barretts sale for 2-year-olds in training.

"This horse is amazing," he said. "I've been working him in the mornings and he's so great. He keeps getting better and better."

Baffert said they'll bring The Factor along slowly.

"One step at a time," said Baffert, who won back-to-back Derbies in 1997 and '98 with Silver Charm and Real Quiet and returned to the Churchill Downs winner's circle in 2002 with War Emblem. "We know he's fast, so he's going to have to harness that speed a little bit, but Bejarano didn't think he was going that fast.

"I think they really get over this track, it's got a lot of cushion to it, so they're skipping over the top of it. I love it. I'm glad dirt is back. I don't know what we would have done with all the rain we had. We wouldn't have been able to run here."

The Factor went gate to wire, carving out rapid fractions of 21.62, 44.11 and 55.42 seconds along the way.

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If I say "Toto" you know what that means?

I have written many times before that I grew up in Sherman Oaks. My parents moved from Minneapolis in 1968 to a little two bedroom apartment on Fulton Avenue and Magnolia. Over the 8 years we lived there I never heard a story about Toto, the dog from the Wizard of Oz being buried near where we lived. I can not believe that we sat and watched that movie almost every year not knowing this. It was a huge movie for me growing up. Nothing like that film.

Living in the part of the country where lots of things like the cartoons I watched were being made and not knowing how very close to that we were. I had no clue. I was oblivious. I don't think my Mom or Dad knew either. I'm sitting on the floor on a Saturday morning watching the Flintstones. One of my favorites. It was made in a building on Ventura Blvd right over there by Universal. A little place called Hanna Barbera. My world was Fulton Avenue. I walked to school everyday and back. Rode my bike around the neighborhood. It was a nice place to grow up. I didn't get around much as a kid. I would look at the mountains to the south and wonder what was on the other side.

So this is why I'm taking on this new cause. A co-worker of mine always mentions that she goes home from work and watches Huell Howser. She'll say the next day "Guess where Huell was last night?" Last week she was telling me about a show Huell did on famous pets. She went into telling me about Toto. She said the dog was buried on this Ranch on Riverside Drive and Whittset in the San Fernando Valley. It was called the Carl Spitz Ranch, before they built the Ventura freeway. I did a double take. What?

I went to elementary school at Riverside Drive Elementary on Coldwater and Riverside Drive. That is one light down from Whittset and three lights from my street Fulton. I have never heard this story about Toto....from anyone. How could this be?

I had a few days off this last week and tried to find out more. I went to and saw a short description of the story and a photo of the parking lot and freeway where it once was. I know this guy Steve Goldstein that wrote this book called LA's Graveside Companion. I looked though the book and there was the photo and the story, all the way in the back. I was stunned. I emailed Steve and he told me more and sent me the link to the video he did with Huell. WOW!

I thought to myself this is like the Jack Norworth thing all over again. One of the most famous dogs in the world was buried near me and then plowed under by some bulldozer? No plaque, no marker? Why? Why has no one done anything about this? This is wrong.

So this weekend I pondered getting a Marker. I thought to myself, do I really want to do this again? Can't hurt to put up another facebook page. So I did it. Steve Goldstein and I are working together. And I'm confident it will get done.

Not sure of the location for the Marker yet, maybe a local pet cemetery. We have a donation tab on the page and almost 100 people. Help us out and let's get this done!

Please come to the page and Click the "Like" button. We need as many people as we can get.

- JP


December 26, 2010


To: "TheWizard" Sure sounds great. Thanks for doing that. We currently have almost $600. I'm looking for a monument company to donate the stone. If you look at my email there is a link to another marker we put up last July for Jack Norworth, the author of "Take me out to the ball game" I want to get a marker for Toto that looks like that, black granite, white lettering. We have a location too, The Memorial Pet Park in Calabasas. They are having a board meeting mid Jan to discuss it. It's a community project so any phone calls you can make or promotion please feel free.

Thanks a lot Mark, keep in touch. I will put a link up to your site.

JP Myers


Mark we are talking specifically about Terry the Carine Terrier that was owned by Carl Spitz, later named Toto. He had a ranch in Studio City at Whitsett and Riverside Drive. The state took his property in 1958 to build the Ventura freeway. We have actually talked to Carl Spitz Jr who lives in AZ. Terry was his childhood pet and was buried on the ranch property. When they built the freeway the grave site was destroyed according to JR. At that location there is no plaque or marker. I grew up just down the street in the 70's and never heard this story. So I'm very drawn to make this happen.

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WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ, first edition/first state for $55,000 with rarest of bindings and state


Mark Kirchner of Newport Beach, California is a well publicized world class binder and photograher who also is a renowned Oz book (L. Frank Baum) conservator/restorer and also of other famous books.

Mark  has been written up across the country in magazines and newspapers and in various books. He is one of the few binders in the world that has worked on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book in the hard to find B binding. He also is a renowned photographer capturing images of Manzanar in California for over twenty five years and has made numerous pilgrimages to the site which was a Japanese intermnent camp during World War two ,of which has been a blight on American history.

He also has been trained in the world of binding by the best binders of this generation and uses old techniques and combines others to have his own unique style in conserving and or restoring books to its natural state without distracting from the books aura and originality.

To reach Mark, call Silverworks studio at 1-949-642-3280 highlighting 1-949-642-3280


Of all the crazy bounces we've seen in basketball in recent years, few have been more bizarre than a free throw Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek attempted late in the second half of Tuesday night's 71-48 loss at Utah State.

Gawrzydek's first foul shot bounces high off the back rim, deadens on the front rim and remains stationary there for almost two seconds before finally falling through the hoop to the disbelief of everyone in attendance. It hung on the front rim long enough that a Utah State player underneath the hoop actually had time to wave his arms in an effort to generate a strong enough breeze to blow the ball out of the cylinder.

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                                    DUMPSTER BILLY IDOL

Dumpster Billy sold millions of records as a teen age heart throb and partied his fortune partying with all his fans to keep himself in the limelight to continue to sell his records from the sixties.
 Now fifty five, and still partying , Billy still signs autographs on anything for a beer or cigarette and can found in your local alley way near a McDonalds dumpster


                                    DUMPSTER SASQUATCH

Dumpster Sasquatch has made a living the past FIFTY years running through the forest of the Big Sur and Carmel areas and also other forests through the country and park officials would provide room and board to him to create public interest in the myth of a sasquatch.

 Last seen photo is of Dumpster Sasquatch taken by a hunter before he shot him with his twelve gague shotgun.


                                      DUMPSTER ELWOOD

Elwood is thirty seven and still in seventh grade and last week just passed learning the alphabet.

Elwood was dropped on his head as a youngster inside a dumpster and from that point on with more repeated falls from dumpster diving, Elwood has graduallly gotten to the point at his age of thirty seven, to read what garbage is better then other garbage.


                                      DUMPSTER EDNA

Edna was a pharmaceutical assistant at Wal Mart with a high school education diploma from Tiny Tots Home for the Mentally Challenged in Yahoo, Kentucky

Wal Mart had Edna test all the prescriptions before giving them to the customers to make sure they were mixed right and with Edna they could tell within minutes if they mixed it right or wrong.

Edna has not been seen in a year and the photograph above was her last day at work.



                   DUMPSTER KONG

Dumpster Kong got his nickname when at the age of five, his parents from Compton, California, took him to the Los Angeles Zoo for the day and when it came time to leave, Officials at the Zoo held him back thinking his real parents were stealing a baby gorilla.

Zoo Officials then held a lineup with the parents picking which one was their child.

The parents made their decision and to this day, 35 years later, are completely satisfied with their decision and their son they chose is now a lawyer.

Tests conducted recently through saliva DNA and blood tests taken from both shows that Dumpster Kongs real parents chose a baby gorilla over their true son.

                     the real KONG from Zoo

PIN UP by Mark Gabor,432904124,432904179,432904224&formats=0,0,0,0&format=0


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dumpster Bob is known for his wisdom, his giving nature being a pisces and uses his laptop wherever he goes to spread his travels via the internet. You can follow Dumpster Bob through this blog by simply clicking on follow to the right or leave a comment.



CHROME TEETH..hustles anything to make a dollar from bending over for pennies to playing pool against a disabled world war two veteran to hustle him out of his montly pension check.

HIPPO HARRY...Hippo used to work as a little hippo at the Barnum and Baily circus for literally peanuts and made extra money at the circus posing with little babies with his hippo like features.

THE GUPPER....lost his dentures fifteen years ago biting into a thick rocky peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich leaning over a bridge with a flowing river below wheras his teeth got stuck in the peanut butter sandwich and that was the last the gupper saw his teeth again.


Edna was a pharmaceutical assistant at Wal Mart with a high school education diploma from Tiny Tots Home for the Mentally Challenged in Yahoo, Kentucky

Wal Mart had Edna test all the prescriptions before giving them to the customers to make sure they were mixed right and with Edna they could tell within minutes if they mixed it right or wrong.
Edna has not been seen in a year and the photograph above was her last day at work.


Elwood is thirty seven and still in seventh grade and last week just passed learning the alphabet. Elwood was dropped on his head as a youngster inside a dumpster and from that point on with more repeated falls from dumpster diving, Elwood has graduallly gotten to the point at his age of thirty seven to read what garbage is better then other garbage.


Dumpster Kong got his nickname when at the age of five his parents from compton, california took him to the Los Angeles Zoo for the day and when it came time to leave, officials at the zoo held him back thinking his real parents were stealing a baby gorilla.Zoo officials then held a lineup with the parents picking which baby gorilla was  their child. The parents made their decision and to this day, twenty years later, are completely satisfied with their decision.Tests conducted through saliva dna tests recently show that the parents picked a real baby gorilla over their birthrite son.

DUMPSTER ALIEN got her nickname when her face collided with a dumpster when her parents dropped her and thus her face has been in that position now for twenty one years. She was asked to do a living look alike alien creature from the movie but she had to refuse due to family obligations moving from various dumpsters to another


Dumpster Billy sold millions of records as a teen age heart throb and partied his fortune partying with all his fans to keep himself in the limelight to continue to sell his records from the sixties. Now sixty six and still partying , Billy still signs autographs on anything for a beer or cigarette and can found in your local alley way near a McDonalds dumpster.


Dumpster Sasquatch has made a living the past twenty years running through the forest of the Big Sur and Carmel areas and also other forests through the country and park officials would provide room and board to him to create public interest in the myth of a sasquatch. Last seen photo is of Dumpster Sasquatch taken by a hunter before he shot him with his twelve  gague shotgun.


DUMPSTER POPEYE got his nickname from his parents who used to find spinach in back of the market dumpsters in their travels block to block.
Dumpster Popeye has made a living posing with people who spot him and offer him a penny to take a picture with him.


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Way Out West

Theatrical release poster

Directed by James W. Horne

Produced by Stan Laurel

Hal Roach

Written by Jack Jevne

Charley Rogers

Felix Adler

James Parrott

Starring Stan Laurel

Oliver Hardy

James Finlayson

Rosina Lawrence

Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Release date(s) April 16, 1937

Running time 65 minutes

Language English

Preceded by Our Relations

Followed by Swiss Miss

Way Out West is a Laurel and Hardy comedy film released in 1937. It was directed by James W. Horne, produced by Stan Laurel and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Contents [
1 Plot

2 Cast


4 Film soundtrack

5 Production

6 See also

7 References

] Plot

Stan and Ollie, after consorting with Seymore "Sy" Roberts, an old prospector, have been entrusted to deliver the deed to a gold mine the prospector discovered to the man's daughter, Mary Roberts (Rosina Lawrence), a poor young woman living in Brushwood Gulch who is consistently victimized by her cruel guardians, saloon owner Mickey Finn (James Finlayson), and his equally-cruel saloon-singer wife, Lola Marcel (Sharon Lynne).

Traveling by stage coach, they attempt to flirt with the woman (Vivien Oakland) who is riding with them. She rebuffs the pair, and upon arriving in Brushwood Gulch, she complains to her husband, the town's sheriff (Stanley Fields). The angry sheriff orders the pair to leave on the next coach out of town, or else they'll be "riding out of here in a hearse". Stan and Ollie promise to do so once they have completed their mission.

After dancing to "At the Ball, That's All" by The Avalon Boys, Stan and Ollie arrive at Mickey Finn's saloon. When Mickey Finn learns why they're here, he has Lola play Mary in order to hijack the deed from them. Stan and Ollie have never seen Mary before, and are duped by their charade. However, before leaving town, they encounter the real Mary Roberts and immediately try to get the deed back. The evil Finns won't surrender the deed, however, and a major struggle ensues as Stan and Ollie attempt to reclaim the deed. Stan manages to grab it, but Lola traps him in the bedroom and wrests the deed from him by tickling him into hysterics. After further chasing, Mickey and Lola manage to seal the deed into their safe. Ollie calls for the police, but the police turn out to be the angry sheriff, who chases Stan and Ollie out of town.

Outside the town, Stan and Ollie plan to sneak back into Brushwood Gulch at night to reclaim the deed. They arrive at the saloon and, after a series of mishaps, manage to make it inside. They are met by Mary, who helps them open the safe, grab the deed and escape before Mickey Finn can intervene. Outside the town again, and accompanied by Mary, the happy trio sing "We're Going to Go Way Down to Dixie" as they head off into the sunset.

Unlike most of Laurel and Hardy's films and shorts, the story ends has a happy ending as opposed to the usual 'unfortunate ending'.

1940s reissue poster for Way Out West (1937)[edit] Cast

Stan Laurel..........................Stan

Oliver Hardy........................Ollie

James Finlayson.................Mickey Finn

Rosina Lawrence.................Mary Roberts

Sharon Lynn......................Lola Marcel

Stanley Fields.....................Sheriff

Vivien Oakland...................Sheriff's wife

Harry Bernard.....................Man at Bar

Mary Gordon.......................Cook

May Wallace.......................Cook

Jack Hill.............................Finn's Employee

Sam Lufkin.........................Baggageman

Tex Driscoll........................Miner

Flora Finch.........................Miner's wife

Fred Toones.......................Janitor

[edit] Quotes

Ollie to the Sheriffs wife: "A lot of weather we've been having lately"

Lola: "Tell me, tell me about my dear dear daddy, is it true that he's dead?"

Stan : "Well we hope he is, they buried him."

Lola : "Oh it can't be, what did he die of?"

Stan : "I think he died of a Tuesday, or was it Wednesday..."

Ollie: "Every cloud has a silver lining"

Stan: "That's right, any bird can build a nest, but it isn't everyone who can lay an egg!"

Stan (to Lola): Now that you've got the deed, I bet you'll make a swell gold digger."

] Film soundtrack

The film's score was composed by Marvin Hatley and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music (Scoring). The film includes two famous songs, firstly "Trail Of The Lonesome Pine" sung by Laurel and Hardy except for a few lines by Chill Wills and Rosina Lawrence, lip-synched for comedic effect by Laurel. And secondly "At The Ball, That's All" sung by The Avalon Boys and accompanied by Laurel and Hardy performing an extended dance routine, one which they rehearsed endlessly.

"Trail Of The Lonesome Pine" was released as a single in Britain in 1975 backed by "Honolulu Baby" from Sons Of The Desert reaching number 2 in the British charts.


This film was the second picture for which Stan Laurel was credited as producer (the first was 1936's Our Relations); Laurel had served in that capacity uncredited for the duo's entire career. The executive producer was Hal Roach. The film was colorized in 1985.

 See also

Laurel and Hardy films

] References

Mickey Finn, the name of the character played by James Finlayson, is a reference to a type of drug-spiked alcoholic drink.

The title is a spoof of the D.W. Griffith silent film, Way Down East starring Lillian Gish.

A sight gag in which Laurel and Hardy are hitchhiking and Stan gets a stagecoach to stop by rolling up his pants leg is a spoof of a similar scene in the 1935 movie It Happened One Night, in which Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable are hitchhiking, and Colbert persuades a driver to stop by hiking up her skirt.



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THE GAME OF INDIA, 1938,432911769,432911805,432911842,432911893,432911940&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0

DeSean Jackson Winning Punt Return Against New York Giants 12/19/2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

SCARECROW OF OZ..REILLY AND BRITTON..1915,432650177,432650205,432650247,432650,432650177,432650205,432650247,432650298,432650341,432650388,432650428,432650483,432650533,432650587,432650632,432650670,432650739&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0

Scarecrow of Oz ( c.1915)

Don't be fooled by the title. This isn't really a story about the Scarecrow; it is a tale that combines the adventures of new visitors to Oz who get mixed up in a royal love story. The newcomers to Oz are Trot and Cap't Bill. First introduced by Baum in The Sea Fairies and Sky Island, their first trip to Oz is by way of a whirlpool that deposits them in a cavern deep under the sea, and a strange flying creature called the Ork, that carries them to Jinxland, one of the remote outer regions of Oz. Along the way they have several amusing adventures and are joined by Button-Bright, a little boy from Philadelphia whose most predictable trait is to get lost. In Jinxland they engage in a dangerous and deadly encounter with a powerful witch who is aiding the king in his cruel plan to marry his daughter to someone she does not love. The daughter (Princess Gloria) is really in love with the gardener's boy, Pon. Learning of the desperate situation in Jinxland, Glinda the Good dispatches the Scarecrow on a rescue mission. But the Scarecrow is no match for the powerful witch and finds himself in his ultimate nightmare, being burned at the stake. How does the Scarecrow get out of this fix? And does Pon win Gloria's hand? What fate befalls the cruel king and evil witch? And does Button-Bright make it home to Philadelphia? These are surprises best left for the reader to discover. You're sure to enjoy this magical tale of adventure and love in the Land of Oz.

THE SCARECROW OF OZ, CHICAGO, THE Reilly & Britton Co. (1915). 288 pages. Illustrated by John R. Neill.
First Edition, First State
1. textual point..publishers advertisement on the verso of the half title page lists eight oz titles with the last being THE SCARECROW OF OZ...
2. 12 full color inserts with no captions
a) pages with plates


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James C. Wallace II.......Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma.

James C. Wallace II, originally a native of West Virginia, currently lives in Terre Haute, Indiana with his wife Amanda. They have been married more than 26 years, with a herd of 5 children and 12 grandchildren. His background covers over 26 years in children's education, including experience working for the world's largest children's museum; The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, where he was the Planetarium Educator for SpaceQuest Planetarium. In addition to children's books about Oz, he is recognized by NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a leading developer of web-based educational games, educational exhibit design, curriculum development and implementation. In addition, he is involved in the DiscoverHover program, which is an educational program developing and utilizing hovercraft in a unique and fun way. He now serves as the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, Sovereign Ruler of Oz and endeavors to fulfill her royal command to tell the tale of her newest Royal Magician to the children of the Great Outside.

Happy Holidays for Family of Oz!!!

With the Chrismahannahkwanzika season now fully upon us, I am most pleased to report that progress on completing Princess Ozma's Royal Command is being made.

Family of Oz has now completed final edits and is going through formatting and such prior to sending it out to the printer.

It has been a long 2 years since Her Majesty commanded me to tell the story of Her new Royal Magician.

Now, with the upcoming publication of Family of Oz on schedule for its January 27th, 2011 premier at the 80th Annual Magi-Fest, I;the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, can see the end in sight and breath a welcome sigh of relief.