Thursday, December 30, 2010


List of various Oz related movies and production in progress

1. ANDREW LLOYD WEBBERS WIZARD OF OZ PRODUCTION - Expected release: March 2011. additional information

2. Anne Hathaway as Judy Garland in Get Happy. Expected release:Summer 2011 additional information

3. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by Clayton Spinney. Expected release:2012 additional information

4. CGI animated film by John Boorman. Expected release: 2011 additional information

5. Created by Temple Hill, the production company behind the famed “Twilight” saga, “Oz” heads back to where it all began the first novel of the series. Penned by Darren Lemke, the decision to begin with the book “The Wonderful World of Oz” could jumpstart a vast franchise based on the 22 “Oz” books. This project courtesy of Warner Bros.’ New Line division would most likely turn into reality among all the other competing “Oz” projects with its huge potential. additional information

6. "Return to the Emerald City" The Warner Brothers’ second "Wizard" movie will be the more modern tale that centers on the granddaughter of Dorothy who returns to fight evil in Oz. According to PRLOG press release on March 19, 2010 Basil Iwaynk has been assigned as Director and Josh Olson as screenwriter. additional information

7.Oz The Great and Powerful. Sam Raimi to direct 3D Wizard of Oz with Robert Downey According to Deadline , Disney made a deal last night with Sam Raimi (who last dropped out of Sony’s Spider-Man 4 , prompting them to greenlight a muppet-babies reboot of The whole franchise) to direct a 3D prequel to Wizard of Oz . additional information

8. Universal Studios are going forward with getting "Wicked" into movie theaters. Universal takes their version’s inspiration from the Broadway smash depicting what would happen if Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West became schoolmates even before Dorothy came. Expected release: 2012 additional information

9. New movie "The Witches of Oz" is due out in the summer of 2010. additional information

10. Surrender Dorothy, Barrymore is now attached to direct the film that focuses on Dorothy's great, great granddaughter who has to learn how to use the power of those sparkling ruby red slippers to keep (a resurrected) Wicked Witch of the West from taking control of both Oz and now Earth. additional information

11. Long-time Walt Disney feature animator Daniel St Pierre is the man directing a film using state-of-the-art (whatever that is) 3D effects, Dorothy of Oz. It has Dorothy thrust back to Oz to try to restore order after a crazy, albeit powerful, Jester has taken control and Tin Man, the Lion and the Scarecrow have gone missing. Martin Short is providing the voice of the Jester, Dan Aykroyd is the Scarecrow, Kelsey Grammar is the Tin Man and Jim Belushi is the Lion. ( - 2011 additional information

12.A mysterious teaser trailer has appeared online for Michael and Mark Polish’s aptly titled “Oz,” as in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series from author L. Frank Baum additional information

13. Heartless: The story of the TinMan. Expected release: 2010 additional information

14. The Wheeler of Oz ( - 2010 additional information

15. Dark Oz - Dark Oz focuses, again, on Dorothy's return to Oz, but it is a very different place than the one she left behind additional information

16. The Lost Princess of Oz. A new indie movie company MovieUs Productions who has apparently been shopping the idea for an Oz movie around is currently developing an Oz movie of their own. We caught up with the director last Tuesday who told us... "We're really excited to have the oppurtunity to make a movie like this. The idea all started back in 1985, the year Disney's Return to Oz hit the screen. It was this big deal, man. Looked at a milk carton, Return to Oz was on it. For me as a kid, it was terrifying and confusing." '

It's titled 'The Lost Princess of Oz' obviously based on the book by L. Frank Baum but with some changes, one being that everyone is looking for Dorothy (who is now a princess) not Ozma. Its supposed to incorporate story sequences from Ozma of Oz and the Land of Oz as well drawing inspirations from Tim Burton's Alice and Return to Oz. Its planned to be a musical unlike Return to Oz and the director made the comment that it is Return to Oz set to 1939, meaning that there will be may similarities between the two but the main thing is the villian has not yet been said. The director will be announced soon so check back for some updates. Filming will start this summer and by then you'll have some more info as to what this will be like. I've seen some test shots and development work and it does looks promising but as always I'm just waiting.

Join the Scarecrow as he attempts to transport himself, along with the Tinman and Lion, to America to find Princess Dorothy. But beware our new villain has plans to finally get the Ruby Slippers and destroy all the good in Oz. Whoever gets to the Ruby Slippers first controls the fate of Oz. With time running out, everyone is looking for ''The Lost Princess of Oz". additional information

17. "The Twisted Land of Oz". This film is inspired by comic book gorehound and toymaker Todd McFarlane’s R-rated “Twisted Land of Oz” line of figurines. McFarlane’s version includes a scarecrow torn apart by birds, a Tin Man composed of limbs reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands, a flesh-eating Lion who’s not exactly a coward, a Wizard turned into a gas-mask wearing mad scientist, a carnivorous being named Toto after it devours Dorothy’s dog, and Dorothy who’s bound and raped by depraved Munchkins. additional information

18.Oz Wars, a new stop-motion animated film set within the fantasy world first visited in The Wizard Of Oz, has gone into production. The new film, helmed by The Corpse Bride co-director Mike Johnson, becomes the seventh known Oz films in the works. additional information

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