Wednesday, December 22, 2010


                                    DUMPSTER BILLY IDOL

Dumpster Billy sold millions of records as a teen age heart throb and partied his fortune partying with all his fans to keep himself in the limelight to continue to sell his records from the sixties.
 Now fifty five, and still partying , Billy still signs autographs on anything for a beer or cigarette and can found in your local alley way near a McDonalds dumpster

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I am a huge fan of Billy and still have his records and I met Billy recently in a dumpster in back of a McDonalds in Indianapolis.
I woke him up in the trash bin covered with newspapers and beer cans and alot of cigarettes and ashes all over.
He seemed startled at first but quickly said he would sign anything I had on me if I would give him a six pack and cigarettes or just a beer and a cigarette.

Being a huge fan, I gave him a six pack and carton of cigarettes.

Billy then signed my t-shirt, back of my levis in big black felt Pen BILLY....signed todays newspaper BILLY SLEPT ON THIS....signed box with cigarette ashes in it.BILLY SMOKED THIS.....finally I still have original 9/11 newspaper of the New York terrorist attack with Billys feces stains and urine on it ..I got Billy to sign his signature right where they show the plane crashing into the tower...I SHIT ON THIS BILLY.....also that is where his poop and urine stains are.