Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I remember coming out of my mothers womb
after spending nine months in a tomb
They slapped me hard on my butt
and i cried and that began my rut
I learned to talk and walk at two
but didnt know how to tie my shoe
I played all day without any worry
and fell down on streets that were slurry
But then my mom took me to school at five
and suddenly i felt no longer alive
Going to school for twelve years wasnt in the cards
but i did run around alot of school yards
My hormones raged at fourteen
something totally unforseen
Suddenly girls looked good to me
but i didnt know what to do but pee with my wee wee
High school my body changed so fast and furious
that even I was becoming so curious
I didnt date for I had no money or car
and was too young to go to a bar
When I graduated I met my first girl
and she was quite the thrill
Long blonde hair and blue eyes to match
gave me so many visions I wanted to hatch
But alas she left me soon
for I was a possessive goon
Soon I was in the army playing solider
and suddenly felt so much older
I got out and went to college to be someone to be
and graduated and thought my life was set with glee
But then I worked for a boss who was a bully and mean
finding myself a slave and going home to eat soup and bean
I married in my thirties to a girl I thought I did love
but she left me as fast as dove meets another dove
She took half of what I owned you see
and now I was back to eating soup and a bowl of pea
I aged with grace
which is no disgrace
I didnt date after that seriously for I was worried about losing what was left to me
and still had my heart broken for all to see
I got sick one day and soon I was in a rest home
looking like everyone else there as a clone
Sitting in the hallway in my wheel chair
was almost too much to bare
Eating food with no teeth
was almost a relief
And only thrill for me was when the nurse gave me a sponge bath each day
reminding me of my first sexual experience when I yelled ,,hooray
But then my memory faded
and i felt jaded
I began to shrink in time and couldnt see
and I started to plea
I ended up in intensive care
which was too much to bare
Wires and tubes in my body
was really very shoddy
The day I died, the last thing i remember was a light
and that was a sight
For i saw myself up above looking down
and my face showed no frown
and the last thing i did on earth
was what i did at birth
and that is..POOP

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