Sunday, November 25, 2012


There lived a little girl named karishma in the village of loveland high in the mountains surrounded by forests and streams and big waterfalls and karishma loved to play outside her home made of logs with her dogs and cats and think of her future one day away from loveland,,,and as she grew up and fantasized who the man in her liife would be as she did her chores from cooking to cleaning and collecting wood in the forest for the inightly fire in the fireplace of her home with her family which consisted of mom, dad and her brother who was day she ventured to the woods when she was still in her teens to collect the wood for that nights fire when suddenly she heard a roar and the rustling of leaves and broken branches,,as the roaring got closer she got fearful and started to run but ran into a tree and next thing she knew,,,she looked up and up and saw a fearsome bengal tiger glaring down at her and her eyes focused on its long fangs dripping with saliva and the bengal tiger approached her slowly and karishma huddled against the tree and began to think her time was short and she held her hands up to her face when suddenly the tiget spoke,,,tis me,,the prince of nirvana who has been cursed to be a tigetr all these years and if you can say the magic word to unleash the curse,, i can then become who i was before and if you cant,, then i must eat you,,,karishma shuddered and thought to herself what chance did she have to even know the word out of thousands of words....she stayyed silent and for some reason said,,checkers,,,and suddenly, a lightrening bolt came from ablve thorugh the trees and struck the tiger who in a cloud of smoke suddenly appeared a handsome prince who then took karishmas hand and said,, my love,, you are the one meant for me for only you would know such a word to relase me from the curse ,,,and i shall take you as my bride and take your family and pets with me back to nirvana where you and your family will forever be safe...and with that,,,they lived happily ever after

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