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Dumpster Bob is known for his wisdom, his giving nature being a pisces and uses his laptop wherever he goes to spread his travels via the internet. You can follow Dumpster Bob through this blog by simply clicking on follow to the right or leave a comment.



CHROME TEETH..hustles anything to make a dollar from bending over for pennies to playing pool against a disabled world war two veteran to hustle him out of his montly pension check.

HIPPO HARRY...Hippo used to work as a little hippo at the Barnum and Baily circus for literally peanuts and made extra money at the circus posing with little babies with his hippo like features. 

THE GUPPER....lost his dentures fifteen years ago biting into a thick rocky peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich leaning over a bridge with a flowing river below wheras his teeth got stuck in the peanut butter sandwich and that was the last the gupper saw his teeth again.


Edna was a pharmaceutical assistant at Wal Mart with a high school education diploma from Tiny Tots Home for the Mentally Challenged in Yahoo, Kentucky

Wal Mart had Edna test all the prescriptions before giving them to the customers to make sure they were mixed right and with Edna they could tell within minutes if they mixed it right or wrong.
Edna has not been seen in a year and the photograph above was her last day at work.


Elwood is thirty seven and still in seventh grade and last week just passed learning the alphabet. Elwood was dropped on his head as a youngster inside a dumpster and from that point on with more repeated falls from dumpster diving, Elwood has graduallly gotten to the point at his age of thirty seven to read what garbage is better then other garbage.


Dumpster Kong got his nickname when at the age of five his parents from compton, california took him to the Los Angeles Zoo for the day and when it came time to leave, officials at the zoo held him back thinking his real parents were stealing a baby gorilla.Zoo officials then held a lineup with the parents picking which baby gorilla was  their child. The parents made their decision and to this day, twenty years later, are completely satisfied with their decision.Tests conducted through saliva dna tests recently show that the parents picked a real baby gorilla over their birthrite son.

DUMPSTER ALIEN got her nickname when her face collided with a dumpster when her parents dropped her and thus her face has been in that position now for twenty one years. She was asked to do a living look alike alien creature from the movie but she had to refuse due to family obligations moving from various dumpsters to another


Dumpster Billy sold millions of records as a teen age heart throb and partied his fortune partying with all his fans to keep himself in the limelight to continue to sell his records from the sixties. Now sixty six and still partying , Billy still signs autographs on anything for a beer or cigarette and can found in your local alley way near a McDonalds dumpster.


Dumpster Sasquatch has made a living the past twenty years running through the forest of the Big Sur and Carmel areas and also other forests through the country and park officials would provide room and board to him to create public interest in the myth of a sasquatch. Last seen photo is of Dumpster Sasquatch taken by a hunter before he shot him with his twelve  gague shotgun.


DUMPSTER POPEYE got his nickname from his parents who used to find spinach in back of the market dumpsters in their travels block to block.
Dumpster Popeye has made a living posing with people who spot him and offer him a penny to take a picture with him.

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