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I Think I’m Psychic, How Do I Develop My Gifts?

Psychic Development

I Think I’m Psychic, How Do I Develop My Gifts?

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For few last days, I was having a nice conversation with truly beautiful lady name Conner* (an advantage of being blogger – you get to know beautiful ladies, my friend Maurio should try it) about developing natural psychic abilities.Turns out that not only people like me might have problems with psychic development.
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To specify – “people like me” mean those who weren’t born with natural psychic abilities, but had developed them manually. Conner’s friend do have natural psychic abilities, but as it appears to me, she had never gotten a chance to learn how to use them properly. For people with natural psychic gifts, who would like to start using these skills, I’ve wrote this article.

I Think I’m Psychic

How can you tell if you’re psychic, hmm? Well, there are many ways to figure this out:
  • You might be having an Out of Body Experience - normal, and almost quite common paranormal experience, to live your physical body and go to a journey through the astral planes.
  • You might know things before they happen – classic examples, you might know the phone is about to ring, and it’s uncle Tom calling, or you might get intuition impressions, like “stop right now!” because a crazy guy might kill you at the crossroads.
  • You might see things - from colourful flashes of light (white, blue, green, red) to seeing auras and ghosts and spirits.
These are only few examples. If you want to have more of these, you just need to grab some book about psychic and paranormal experiences, and you will get the picture. Remember that everyone is psychic, but some people are more psychic than others. I never really had psychic experiences until I started developing in this field. Some people might experience psychic stuff from time to time, and for some, it might be a daily routine.
So when you’re psychic, you can either ignore these things, or develop control over them.

Do You Really Want This?

If things occur randomly, then psychic experiences can be quite cool. If they don’t occur at all, then if you want to focus on psychic development, you must be as a crazy person as I am :). And if they occur too often, you might want to learn how to control them. This article is meant for people who already experience psychic stuff.

How To Develop Developed Psychic Skills?

 The trick is to stop waiting for psychic phenomena to occur, and instead, start intentionally gathering psychic data. But how to do this actually? First, you need to learn some theory.
So, you’re already psychic – this doesn’t mean that you have the skills of psychometry, telepathy, telekinesis, aura view etc. Being a psychic doesn’t mean you have any skill at all, it only means that you have the potential to use your psychic mind in order to acquire information from your environment, through nonphysical senses. This means that you need to re-define the terminology.
What is psychometry? No, it’s not a psychic skill – it’s a technique only, through which you can acquire information via psychic means from physical objects. All these funny terms like psychometry or telepathy stand for techniques that utilizes your psychic mind – and that is why there are so many techniques – because everyone has different tricks, through which he or she gathers information via psychic means.

The Simple Process of Psychic Development

You’re different than normal people only because you already have some predisposition towards using psychic abilities, and that’s all. You should:
  • Practice Energy Work - it won’t hurt you, and it will improve the way psychic energies flow within your body.
  • Learn Meditation - meditation will put your mind at peace, and will greatly improves your patience and focus, it’s almost mandatory when you think about controlling psychic abilities.
  • Learn Psychic Techniques – there are many techniques available for free on Tutorialspage, and more in my guidebook. But ultimately, you need them to understand how to define your own techniques. Some people will use my techniques because they will work for them, others will create their own techniques based on them.
Quite simple, isn’t it? Things above will teach you control over your skills, so you will be able to use them at any time possible.
OK, but these are quite detailed things. Generally, you should grab some books that were written by psychics as forms of psychic autobiography – psychics often explain how they begun to use their skills. By reading over examples of using psychic mind, you will get ideas for your own development. If some psychic use his “gift” for something, you can do this, as well.

What Are You Going To Do?

As you can see, your psychic development is not really different than the one of normal people – the only different is, while they need to focus on energy work at first, you need to understand that being psychic means “having a predisposition to do extraordinary stuff”. The question is: what are you going to do with these predispositions?
* Hah, no link here! Sorry, but I care about privacy of people who seek my help.
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