Monday, April 20, 2009

WE MET BEFORE... by Mark Shapiro

We met before
on a faraway shore
and through time
I always thought you were mine
but once again our love has flown away
mabye to find its way back another day
We met before
at Heavens door
and made our way back to earth
the home of our birth
and you were my queen
the heart and soul of my being
We met before
I held you close as we did kissed
and now I know you will be missed
for centuries has passed us by
and now i sit and cry
We met before
and in time we did explore
only to once again fail to meet
and both go into retreat
We met before
and you are the one i adore
with each passing day now i do deplore
the loss of you in my life
which now is filled with strife
We met before
and in time we will meet again in love
when it will be right when push comes to shove
for our love will finally be right
when i can finally hold you in my arms each night


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