Tuesday, April 21, 2009



When we are young we are told its no fun getting old
As we are all told

But that is not true one will find
For what grows is the mind

And as one travels the road of life
One will encounter joys and strife

What one will see in time is that life is short
And not to be taken lightly and abort

For each one of us is a joy to behold
Leaving a legacy to be told

The giving of one to another
Makes us all in the end, sister and brother

For love is for all, young and old
And for the weak and bold

Wisdom is for all during our walk
To communicate and listen and let each other talk

Heaven is on earth
From the day of our birth

So be glad of age
For its life turning another page

Oldest person in the world turned 122 on February 21, 1997 ...upper left picture

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