Saturday, December 19, 2009


Again the public is sucked in to what I consider the biggest waste of my life.Beware, this is far from what this idiot on the Los Angeles Times states is the remaking of movies. How dare him compare this to the jazz singer and what impact it had on movies.The story line is embarassingly absurd and mabye five actors in the movie (including Alien star Sjourney Weaver, who comes across as a male stuck in a females body and in fact, looks more like an alien than the aliens portrayed in this nightmare), and the standard guy falls for girl story line with the bad guy being a colonel doing this job.This plot has been seen a zillion times in movies when the soldiers take over Indians land to get gold and in this farce, the aliens also have nothing but bows and arrows (how original).I almost walked out ten times and Ive seen better porn movies for twenty dollars. I walked out before the end (two hours and forty minutes) and am mad that once again, we are misled by some stupid journalist (I have a masters in journalism myself) and equally sad with the recession; people will be flooding the theaters to only be robbed of money they could have bought food with it.This is a complete sham and if you look at all the movies this cameron made, they all are remakes and horrible. God bless america but god will not bless the guy who gave this a great review for he simply must be related to cameron, for again, watch the boy in the striped pajamas or the nail, story of joey nardone;both movies with character and you will leave the movie with your mind entertained with humanity and not walk out after seeing avatar like you have been raped.

wizofbeach (12/18/2009)


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