Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mark Shapiro of Huntington Beach, California is shown the day he saw his pic on Mad magazine proclaiming the famous L. Frank Baum and oz collector as the sexiest schmuck for 1991...Shapiro only found out July 4, 2010 due to the mail getting lost for 19 years.
Here pictured with Mark is his older brother Larry Shapiro just celebrating his 70th birthday.
Once a prosperous family man with homes in Malibu beach, california and in Maui, Hawaii, with another penthouse in Paris, France and able to go anywhere on a given notice since Larry had his own yacht and jet plane.
However, the recession came and Larrys business was one of the first to go under for Larry sold dildos online and when he sat in parks or benches or at dodger games.
Woman now have gone back to coke glass bottles, cucumbers..shower heads..their great dane...broom stick...end of baseball bat...bowling ball, etc...has put Larry Shapiro out of business.
He has lost everythng including his teeth along with Mark and both sold the teeth that fell out to african ivory traders to reshape into minature penis gods that their fellow zulus still worship back in Africa.
If you wish to contact either Mark or Larry Shapiro, you can find them at the McDonads dumpster off of beach blvd . in Huntington Beach, California between the hours of midnite to five a.m.

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