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MONDAY, JULY 5, 2010


< here is Chow Mein owner of the famous restaurant Hung Low in Los Angeles. Meins favorite dish is the flied lice (orientals cant say R and substitue L for the R) and with whales balls, crocodile feces and urine from a great ape, the dish is unlike any other. Mein proudly says that it has done wonders for his business and he stated that the majority are the people who indulge with golden showers (that is they like to feel urine on them ).If anyone has any unusual potential food items,contact Chow Mein at wizardof baum and only serious inquiries, no plicks.

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Neong, Bong said...

At Hung Low,, I prefer the crocodile feces cuz I figure that whatever the crocodile ate, would then be in me and they say a crocodile doesnt have to eat all the time.Eating crocodile feces once a week will keep me nourished and save money and keep me in shape.