Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am the product of my parents,born into a world of chaos and frustration,a world turned upside down,suffering throughout,children crying, people dying,a world gone mad.

I have seen things nobody should witness,hunger, hate, killings, moral decay, deceit, and lying .Yet take notice,I have only just turned on the television

I HAVE lived my life the best I could,despite the world which surrounds me,full of rage,full of lies,full of lack of responsibility and honor,filled of hypocrisy

The world was different I hear,but only from books I have read,yet even then the treachery existed, Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin,the murders and passing of so many lives;all for the sake of a better world.
I must be blind for I cannot see the better world,The world I was born in.
I will live my life; live it the way I feel it should be,full of giving, love, happiness and caring,Lacking revenge, anger, and that which corrupts.
But I shall give of myself, my soul,that, in itself, will make my world better,apart from the world I SEE

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