Thursday, July 15, 2010


As I lay in my bed at night
I close my eyes and envision a sight
For though you are afar
I wish upon a star
To send my love to ye
For I do love thee
My heart pitter patters at your sight
And takes away all my pain and blight
Your beauty lies in your soul
For you to love me is my goal
So when I wish upon a star so high
I see us flying with wing in the sky
Holding and kissing your cherry lips
your mere presence and beauty can sink ships
I love you in the true essence of the word
for you are my angel who flies like a bird
When I wish upon a star that twinkles and shine
I send you my soul, spirit and being and pray to make you mine


Anonymous said...

So, to whom do you write these poems? Surely such meaningful poetry has a source of inspiration?

Unknown said...

wow is this about a particular person? and how old are you? because these poems are very deep and very mature as well as well written

Unknown said...

I am glad you liked it and of all the poems I have written, this one is about my favorite. I really appreciate your comment.