Thursday, June 23, 2011


Name Change FAQHow to legally change your name. QuestionsI just don't like my birth name and I want to change it. Can I choose any name I want? Can I change my name if my marriage is common law?

How do I implement my name change?

Do I have to go to court to change my name after marriage or divorce?

What should I do if I have a hard time getting my new name accepted?

AnswerI just don't like my birth name and I want to change it. Can I choose any name I want?There are some restrictions on what you may choose as your new name. Generally, the limits are as follows:

You cannot choose a name with fraudulent intent -- meaning you intend to do something illegal. For example, you cannot legally change your name to avoid paying debts, keep from getting sued or get away with a crime.Your new name cannot interfere with the rights of others, which generally is defined as choosing the name of a famous person with the intent to mislead. For example, most judges will not approve your renaming yourself George Bush or William (Bill) Clinton unless you have a convincing reason not related to the famous politicians.You cannot use a name that would be intentionally confusing. This might be a number or punctuation -- for example, "10," "III," or "?." (Minnesota's Supreme Court once ruled that a man who wanted to change his name to the number "1069" could not legally do so, but suggested that "Ten Sixty-Nine" might be acceptable.)You cannot choose a name that is a racial slur.You cannot choose a name that could be considered a "fighting word," which includes threatening or obscene words, or words likely to incite violence.

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