Thursday, June 23, 2011 WIZARDOFBAUM aka MARK SHAPIRO


                         MARK SHAPIRO

Subliminal is a planet outside our solar system, millions of light years away.

On subliminal, creatures abound in various types of climates and surrounded by all various of other creatures wheras some feed off each other and some work together to make their environment better.

Its a survivors planet ,,a constant extermination of living things and the survivors learn from the passing ones.

Progress is thus installed by mistakes and mistakes for mistakes lead to progress which creates more mistakes and mistakes to continually improve the species of anything, living or not.

Everyone of the subliminal species  has a inherited spot through genetics and the windows from other spirits of the passing subliminals do enter chosen subliminal windows in subliminal form to progress progress.

communication is reduced to the subliminals getting all their information through headsets on their heads from the HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN aka SON.

All subliminal messages are from the HOUSE OF THE RISING SON through subliminals other subliminals never see.

                         part one of the SUBLIMINALS

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