Sunday, June 26, 2011

curriculum to shape minds and direction and understanding of what is right and wrong

                           KNOWLEDGE THAT WORKS


                             MARK SHAPIRO

As a teacher of 40 years,,if algebra and spanish are important,,why isnt THE CONSTITUTION.

High schools across the country are enforcing age old curriculum that hasnt changed with the ages.

Technology move forward ,,but changes in curriculum and ideology is like a drop of water dripping compared to the Niagara Falls.

Knowing the Constitutuion makes aware every human what is expected of each human in socilialization which changes and rules are constantly amended with progress.

Students in the high school or college level, for that matter,,are only taught about the foundation of our society yet not the Bill of rights (which change with society) or constitution

More people are in jail due to the lack of knowledge of their rights.


1. first year,,

STUDY OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS and british constitution

2. second year..

INTERACTION year with staff and students on first year

3.third year...

BILL OF RIGHTS and constitution

4. fouth year..

INTERACTIN year with staff and students on first year

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