Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Snow White!! There was this wicked witch who wanted to be the fairest of them all,,, and each year be the prettiest at the annual ball,,, but one day she saw a beautiful girl named snow white,,, and thought she was quite the sight,,, so the wicked witch wanted to get rid of her,,, and felt she had the cure,,, and that was to get rid of snow white,,, even it took all day and night,,, but snow white knew of her plan in time,,, and ran away and left down the wall she did climb...and the witch tried to find her throughout the land....and looked into her hour glass of sand...and saw her in a house hidden away,,, and then was going to turn snow white into a block of clay,,, but her plan backfired and the evil witch was the one who paid the price ,,,for she was the one who fell down the castle steps and died for she was so evil and never nice

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