Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I asked my mother where I came from one day

And she said sit down my son for I have alot to say


She told me a stork brought me to earth

And that she had taken care of me since birth

I was left on the doorstep she said with a smile

And now I felt complete for the first time in awhile

We went to the zoo that week

And I was excited to see a stork for more than a peek

When I saw the stork didnt look like me

I asked my mom why and she said, "son, soon Ill tell you about the birds and bee"

I was five and now more confused than ever

And now didnt think my mom was so clever

Years went on and I waited for the tale of the birds and bee

But never did she tell this story to me

I began to date girls after high school

And felt quite the fool

For having been left on the doorstep by a stork

I felt like a complete dork

The girl I was dating left me soon after

In a fit of laughter

And to this day i sit and wonder

How I did blunder

For mabye I should seek a stork to love

Since my real mom was a stork from above


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