Saturday, July 4, 2009


Michael Jackson died today
And millions cried and didnt know what to say
Millions more could care less you see
For Michael was known as a freak to thee
He hadnt had a hit record in over twenty years
And fooled around with little children after beers
He turned white he said because he claimed all black people do
Even his nose shrunk to nothing and I guess that happens too
He was five ten and 118 lbs and was going to be in a concentration camp movie
But he took so many pain pills that he thought he was totally groovy
He paid off parents of children to go away
But ended up in court another day
Of course he got off for being so well known
His face even got whiter in tone
Disappearing for years since no record company wanted him
Even the record companies was looking for tiny tim
Soon Michael was ready to make a comeback on stage
And he suddenly was all the rage
Practicing grabbing his crotch and sliding across the floor
Millions were waiting to see him and adore
But only a few days before he was to embark on the big thrill
He overdosed by taking too many of his pill
And dropped dead to the shock of all
Though everyone knew years before he took a fall
Strange that a person like this is so worshiped after being hated
Causing many to enter into talks and so very debated
But in our society, entertainers are worshiped where masses are not
Lumping the hard working people into a similar lot

Young men and women die daily to defend this land
And America glorfies a guy grabbing his crotch in front of a band
In the end, we are all the same
Despite the name of the game
The tragedy in all this now that Michael is dead
That now he cant sleep with little boys in his bed

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