Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The peace warrior is amongst us
In cars, trains or a bus
He looks like the rest of man
But does what he can
To fight evil and strife
So others have a better life
Anger, hate, crime he will fight
So others will have a life of delight
The masses usually dont get involved in this
And only concern is their own bliss
But the peace warrior is different in that regard
Looking after his own and others back yard
Justice only happens when man looks around
And lives benefit and are sound
Caring and giving is his life to thee
Where others will see that to be
Passing on a good deed to others
Will make others sisters and brothers

1 comment:

peace said...

you make him sound like an undercover super hero, but a deed no matter how simple or frivolous is still a deed
justice happens only when man looks around is a great line, shows how selfless the act is, however i dont get what someone's wife has to do with anything(last line)but it is a great poem, i guess anyone can be a hero