Friday, July 3, 2009


Dorothy Dix loved to play
and had so much to say
Her dog fluff
thought he was so tough
Fluff and Dorothy spent their days in the sun
fetching bones that Dorothy threw and such fun
One day in the woods, Dorothy ran into a tree
suddenly her world became so dark to be
Opening her eyes to a gravel road
and hearing croaks of a toad
Dorothy saw the name of the road and it was highway sixty nine
dusting herself off she began to walk down the highway in the sunshine
With Fluff by herside she walked for many a mile
skipping and always showing her smile
Along the way she met a man made of steel
and he introduced himself as a person so real
He told Dorothy he needed oil for his body so it wouldnt rust
and showed her the rust had damaged his bust
The three ventured further along and now met the broom man
who also told them of his fear of fire and thunder of which he ran
Now the four made a pact to find their cure and hope
when suddenly, they met another man named dope
Who had a tiny brain and wished he was smart
and would trade his heart for a new start
The five stopped for a rest
when attacked by flocks of pest
Mosquitos the size of a car
made sure they didnt travel far
But the broom man swept them away
to save the day
Nightime came and they bedded down to sleep in the forest they did love
when horrific sounds of wild beasts came from above
The dope shuttered with fear
and all shed a tear
A giant bear appeared with fangs so sharp and long
that the dope stood there frozen and horrifed and sang a song
Wheras the bear ran for the dope was first to stand and did no wrong
Daybreak approached for a new day
and they all went on their way
Where upon they saw a wagon on the side of the road
and to their surprise it was driven by a toad
The toad replied that if Dorothy kissed him
he would grant her any wish with a hyme
So Dorothy puckered her lips and kissed the frog
boom, the frog turned into a handsome hog
Dorothy now had any wish she wanted you see
and she thought long and hard and had a plea
Mr. Hog, she said, with baited breath so kind
May I have two wishes for I am in a different land
The frog now a hog, thought for a second and said yes my dear
for now Im back to what I was and have nothng to fear
So Dorothy smiled and said she wanted to go back home
but not alone
I want to marry the steel man who wont rust Mr. Hog
and also take , fluff, my dog
The Hog waved his two arms in the air and squealed words
that was so loud it scared all the birds
A blast of light and Dorothy awoke with the steel man in her arm
back home with fluff and full of charm
In the end, Dorothy Dix married the steel man and dinner she did fix
and through the years of bliss, she gave birth to four steel dix.

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