Friday, July 3, 2009


The well is a place I go when Im sad
and also when Im feeling bad
It is bottomless and dark
and thats cause my life is at times stark
My soul does a freefall
and I yell out a call
But nobody hears me
or listens to ye
As I fall I await the bottom of the pit
so I can land and just sit
But that never happens you see
for the spiral is to be
The gloom and sadness prevail
as I cry out in a wail
Of grief and pain
and I feel insane
And pray it does end
before my mind does bend
Time is my savior
to this behavior
But I do not know that at first
just like knowing water will quench thirst
The well is there for most
and sadly everyones host
But experience is mans best friend indeed
helping each one of us to do a good deed
There does come a time when the well has a floor
and only then can you love thyself and adore

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