Sunday, October 31, 2010


PARMA, Ohio — A 6th grade student from Parma was sent to detention for passing gas on the school bus.

His family thinks it's the punishment that stinks. Christian Summers, 11, had to serve an hour of detention after he farted several times while on the school bus -- prompting laughter from the children. The school bus driver did not find his flatulence funny.

"She's like, 'I'm gonna sign you up. I'm gonna sign you up.' I'm like, 'It was an accident." Christian, who attends Thoreau Elementary School, said.



According to this detention notice it was his second offense. "I thought is was pretty dumb." he said.

The driver wrote on the detention slip, "Thinks it's funny to pass gas while on the van. I've told him it's not funny, nor polite to the others in the van. While the others scream, he laughs."

A family friend told Fox 8 News the punishment was unnecessary.

"The normal reaction is to giggle about it and everyone else is going, 'ew,' but, I don't was definitely not worth being disciplined over," said Jodi Hochevar, who watched Christian after school.

The slip was signed by the bus driver and approved by the assistant principal.

Fox 8 News asked school and district officials for comment, but they would not talk about the incident.

District spokesman Kevin Brennan did, however, send us an emailed response:

"Matters involving student discipline are resolved by building administration in accordance with established district guidelines and policies," Brennan wrote.

Christian now fears his flatulence. If he is caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention.

Now the boy is secretive when letting one slip on his small school bus. "When I have to pass gas I have to cover myself [so] it won't stink up the bus," Christian said.

"This shouldn't have even been a write-up," his father said.


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