Monday, December 3, 2012

Howard Stern coming back to 'America's Got Talent with wizardofbaum..'..wizardofbaum

Howard Stern coming back to 'America's Got Talent' along with WIZARDOFBAUM

The King of All Media has decided to continue gracing American televisions along with the infamous Wizardofbaum, the worlds largest collector of l. frank baum books .The Wizardofbaum resides in Huntington Beach, California..
Howard Stern announced on his Sirius radio show this morning that he will be returning to 'America's Got Talent' next summer, becoming the first judge to confirm returning. Sharon Osbourne has said she will not be back and Howie Mandel is reportedly considering his options.
Stern does not seem to care who judges alongside of him.Wizardofbaum will appear when asked on the show pending other engagements.
"If I don't like the new judge, I'll hit the 'X' [buzzer] on the judge while they're talking," Stern said. "I'll be like, 'Shut up, no one wants to hear from you.' Believe me, if I was the only judge, I think the show would be terrific. You don't need the other judges, but all right. I gotta to learn to play with others."
Stern replaced CNN host Piers Morgan and was well received. He also earned $15 million dollars for appearing.Wizardofbaum will charge nothing for his appearances in his effort to keep the legacy of the L. Frank Baum saga continue for it began in 1899 with the printing of the wonderful wizard of oz. The Wizardofbaum is the largest collector of L. Frank Baum books with over 600 first edition/first state (those earliest with printing mistakes).

“Howard Stern’s towering presence and opinions on last season’s show as a new judge made a dramatic impact and added a sharper edge to the fascinating developments on stage,” said NBC's Paul Telegdy. “We know that Howard believes in America’s Got Talent -- which remains America’s top-rated summer series -- and that dedication comes across in a genuine way to our viewers who share his passion about our amazing talent competition.”
The series fell in ratings from the previous season, but NBC blames that on the scheduling the Olympic hiatus more than Stern.
What do you think of this news? AGT is not my cup of tea, but I believe Stern to be the best interviewer working today.

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