Thursday, December 6, 2012


Mark Kirchner of Newport Beach, California is a well publicized world class binder and photograher who also is a renowned Oz book (L. Frank Baum) conservator/restorer and also of other famous books.

He recently worked on a book sold for $2.5 million and has been written up across the country in magazines and newspapers and in various books. He is one of the few binders in the world that has worked on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book in the hard to find B binding. He also is a renowned photographer capturing images of Manzanar in California for over twenty five years and has made numerous pilgrimages to the site which was a Japanese intermnent camp during World War two ,of which has been a blight on American history.

He also has been trained in the world of binding by the best binders of this generation and uses old techniques and combines others to have his own unique style in conserving and or restoring books to its natural state without distracting from the books aura and originality.

To reach Mark, call Silverworks studio at 1-949-642-3280 highlighting 1-949-642-3280 

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