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The Religious Affiliation of the

100 Greatest Rock Musicians

The list of musicians below is from: Jim (editor), "Greatest Artists of Rock" (last updated 26 September 2005) on Digital Dream Door website (viewed 21 November 2005).

This page notes: "Criteria: These artists were ranked for their Cultural and Musical Impacts, as well as their Influence on the rock world in general, and their Popularity... There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only."

1 Beatles Anglican/Catholic (John Lennon); Catholic (Paul McCartney); Catholic/Hindu (George Harrison); Transcendental Meditation, etc.

2 Elvis Presley Assemblies of God

3 James Brown Protestant

4 Rolling Stones Catholic (Mick Jagger); Charlie Watts (Jewish)

5 Bob Dylan Jewish; temporarily "born-agan Christian"

6 Chuck Berry Baptist (lapsed)

7 The Who

8 Led Zeppelin

9 Stevie Wonder

10 Jimi Hendrix

11 Ray Charles

12 The Beach Boys

13 Pink Floyd atheist (Nick Mason)

14 Aretha Franklin Baptist

15 Little Richard Seventh-day Adventist

16 Marvin Gaye

17 Bruce Springsteen Catholic

18 David Bowie Buddhist

19 Fats Domino

20 Black Sabbath Seventh-day Adventists

21 Queen mostly non-religious (Brian May); Zoroastrian (Freddie Mercury)

22 Buddy Holly Baptist (lapsed)

23 Bob Marley Rastafarian

24 Sam Cooke Baptist (lapsed)

25 Elton John

26 Neil Young

27 U2 Anglican and reportedly "born-again Christian" (Bono); "born-again Christian" (Adam Clayton); Catholic/"born-again Christian" (Larry Mullen Jr.)

28 The Doors Jewish (Robby Krieger); spiritual (Jim Morrison); spiritual (Ray Manzarek)

29 Run-DMC Christianity

30 Bo Diddley

31 Jerry Lee Lewis Assemblies of God (lapsed)

32 BB King

33 Sly & The Family Stone Jehovah's Witness (Larry Graham)

34 The Clash Jewish (Mick Jones)

35 Prince Seventh-day Adventist; Jehovah's Witness

36 The Grateful Dead Episcopalian/Catholic/Urantian (Jerry Garcia); Jewish (Mickey Hart)

37 The Velvet Underground Jewish (Lou Read)

38 Nirvana Catholic (Dave Grohl); Jewish (Pat Smear)

39 Michael Jackson Jehovah's Witness; Nation of Islam

40 The Supremes Baptist (Diana Ross)

41 The Temptations Baptist (David Ruffin)

42 Madonna Catholic; Kabbalah

43 Public Enemy

44 The Kinks Catholic (Ray and Dave Davies)

45 Otis Redding Baptist

46 The Everly Brothers

47 Van Halen Catholic (Alex and Eddie Van Halen); Jewish (David Lee Roth)

48 Elvis Costello Catholic

49 Simon & Garfunkel Jewish (Paul Simon); Jewish (Art Garfunkel)

50 Cream

51 Frank Zappa Catholic; Reichian

52 Roy Orbison Church of Christ (Stone-Campbell); Baptist

53 Eric Clapton

54 George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic

55 The Allman Brothers Band

56 Janis Joplin Church of Christ (Stone-Campbell)

57 The Ramones Jewish (Joey Ramone, Tommy Ramone)

58 Crosby, Stills, & Nash (& Young)

59 Fleetwood Mac Jewish (Peter Green)

60 AC/DC

61 The Byrds "born-again Christian" (Roger McGuinn)

62 Joni Mitchell

63 The Eagles

64 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Christianity

65 R.E.M. Buddhist (Michael Stipe); atheist (Mike Mills, Peter Buck)

66 Creedence Clearwater Revival

67 Johnny Cash Baptist

68 Van Morrison atheist father; eclectic mother; nominal Anglican; Scientologist (lapsed)

69 Aerosmith Jewish (Joey Kramer); Steven Tyler (Catholic)

70 Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions

71 The Drifters

72 The Police

73 Metallica Buddhist (Kirk Hammett); "born-again Christian" (Dave Mustaine)

74 Pearl Jam atheist (Eddie Vedder)

75 Deep Purple

76 Bill Haley & His Comets lapsed Baptist (Bill Haley)

77 The Band Jewish (Robbie Robertson)

78 Santana Hinduism/Sri Chinmoy Fellowship (Carlos Santana)

79 Yes Jewish (Trevor Rabin and manager Brian Lane); Baptist (Rick Wakeman)

80 Jefferson Airplane Jewish (Spencer Dryden, Marty Balin, Jorma Kaukonen)

81 King Crimson

82 Al Green Baptist

83 The Isley Brothers Seventh-day Adventists

84 The Moody Blues Urantian

85 The Sex Pistols Catholic (Johnny Rotten)

86 N.W.A. Islam (MC Ren)

87 Talking Heads Quaker (David Byrne)

88 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Jewish (Stan Lynch, Howie Epstein)

89 Billy Joel Jewish Catholic atheist

90 The Bee Gees Vegan (Robin Gibb)

91 The Yardbirds

92 The Four Tops

93 Radiohead Vegan (Thom Yorke)

94 Patti Smith Buddhist

95 Guns 'N' Roses

96 Chicago

97 Rush Jewish (Geddy Lee); Objectivist (Neil Peart)

98 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

99 Rick Nelson

100 Earth, Wind, & Fire Christianity (Philip Bailey)


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