Sunday, September 19, 2010


Emotional resilience is something we all want and need in order to face life unencumbered by unrealistic fears and to communicate freely with the people we love most.

This book by expert David Viscott is a handbook for living the life you want and deserve. Reading Emotional Resilience is like having your own wise and supportive therapist at your elbow, helping you through hard times, difficult days, and unhappy relationships. All of the knowledge and insight of Dr. Viscott's distinguished career is distilled into this book and its ten basic truths that can change your life.

1. Tell the truth.
2. Face life openly. (what you avoid imprisons you.)
3. Say what you mean, feel, believe.
4. Accept yourself as you are.
5. Accept others as they are.
6. Know and accept your weaknesses.
7. Stop trying to prove yourself.
8. Let go of the past.
9. Give up false expectations.
10. Take responsibility for your life and how it turned out.
What you are willing to take responsibility for frees you.

Dr. Viscott has spent three decades engineering therapeutic breakthroughs for his patients; in nearly all of these cases, it was the acceptance of some previously concealed truth that opened the way for healing to begin. The book's cardinal rule--resolve pain at the moment it arises--is remarkably simple, and it works! Read Emotional Resilience and resolve what's getting in the way of your sense of freedom and happiness now. Telling the truth and making positive choices can become a way of life.

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