Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Accept the moment and you will accept you
Worrying only creates worrying and in the end,,for no reason
Love thyself first and thy will find love in others
What comes out of a persons mouth is how they feel about themselves
Those that control are merely trying to control the universe
Giving is the most precious gift of mankind
Humans arent here on earth long but think they will always be here
Just like building a house, man has to start with the foundation and in the end add
the roof
To fear is to fear yourself
Man has searched the universe for answers to life yet few fail to find those same
answers within
We all walk in our shoes and leave our own footprints
Life is a bumpy road and many fall and never get up and those who get up find that
very road filled with joy
Looks may fade but the soul will grow and that is the true beauty of our being
Those who live in the past,,stay there...Those who live in the future,,never get there...Those who live for the moment LIVE
To look up to the stars is to look within
To laugh and cry and feel pain is to feel your soul
To survive means to grow and to grow means to survive

There will always be thorns in life but know that above the thorn is a rose
To step on a nail is not pain but a learning experience to heal
Changing ones way of thinking is being reborn
Never give power to a person but share it
Imagination creates reality and imagination will take you anywhere you wish

There is victory in defeat and never defeat in victory
Treat your being as a garden and water it and watch it bloom
Reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground
Those with a giant ego only feed themselves and are asking for a big fall , and those who see their ego as a means to give to others,,dont fall
Accept others and you will accept yourself
Be responsible for your actions and you will be free from bondage
Speak with your mind with thought and not allow toxic poison from the past to derail your thoughts and soul
To judge is to imprison your being
Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
Dont look to others to fulfill your being for the treasure is also in you
To love is to accept and to accept is to love
Love is said to appreciate a quality in something and yet the same quality is in all of us
Only a dead mind stereotypes
Accept your weaknesses,,nuture them and they will become your strength
Learn something new every day
The mind needs exercise,Use it
People sympathize with a broken arm yet do not with a broken heart for it cant be seen as readily
To say better you than me often times will be you also
To look up to someone means you are looking down at yourself
Humans are ants in the universe
Love moods for it is a way of showing contrast to our being
Without sorrow, there would be no joy
To lose the child in you loses you
Play in the sandbox, ride the swings, skip and hollar and look up to the sky and make wishes
Cry for the tears are the watershed to your soul
Clense your being by allowing your feelings and thoughts to produce water from your soul and it truly will lift you higher than you might imagine
Man can climb the highest mountain but with a soul mate can reach the heavens

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